‘Closing the bones’ postpartum massage

In many cultures, the weeks immediately after giving birth are protected times, aiming to keep mom and baby safe and nurtured as they both adapt to their new relationship with baby outside the womb.

Closing the bones postnatal massage is a healing and nourishing massage; the techniques I use have been passed down to me via a traditional midwife from Ecuador and then from Sophie Messager. Women are traditionally given this massage within hours of the birth and many times over the following 40 days. In a safe space the mother is nurtured, allowing the emotions of birth to be released and celebrated, and for her to reflect on her journey to motherhood. The actions stimulate blood flow, relax the ligaments and muscles in the pelvis, relieve tension in the spine and gently encourage the hips which have widened during pregnancy and labour to close. Many women can find this of benefit years after giving birth as their bodies haven’t been able to close themselves, creating instability and tension in the pelvis.

During the massage a scarf is used to sift – or ‘jiggle’ – the muscles and bind the hip bones, and hand massage is used across the pubic bones, tummy and hips.

What has become abundantly clear when talking to women about this massage is that our culture sadly lacks the time and understanding to nourish a woman after she’s given birth and enters a new chapter in her life. I want to help you find that peace, the affirmation of your role and space in life, and I believe that this can help you do that whether you’re days or years postnatal.

Because of the gentle nature of the massage and scarf-sifting it is suitable not just for women in the postnatal period but throughout their lives; many women use it as a ceremonial ritual to mark big changes in their lives.



Note: While my slots for the massage are on Monday 10am and Saturday afternoon/evening if you’re unable to make these times please get in touch so we can try and find a suitable alternative.