I’m passionate about the immediate time postnatally – aka the fourth trimester – and can talk to you about those early days with a new addition to your family. The western world is one of the only cultures that doesn’t protect the mother-baby dyad in the early postpartum days. You are healing and learning as a mother; your baby is adjusting to life outside the womb; your family is learning its new state – protect that time and nourish yourself and your baby.

‘Closing the bones’ postpartum massage

Unfortunately sometimes birth doesn’t go the way we would like it to and for those women and their families who feel negatively affected by their birth experience I offer a birth reflection service to help you move through the distress. I can help you reframe your experience using techniques that draw on NLP and psychology.

Infant nutrition is an area where a little education and insight can help all of us to make big improvements to the health and happiness of our children. This is a specialised subject, drawing on topics as diverse as nutrition, immunology, child psychology and my own first-hand parenting expertise. I’ve been trained in the key principles of good infant nutrition from newborn through the first 12 months of a baby’s life, and have also volunteered over the years as a breastfeeding peer supporter through the local hospital. I can offer support with your infant feeding choices and  I can also advise on when and how best to begin the introduction of solid foods.