Late pregnancy can be really tough on some women, and it’s understandable really if you think about how a woman’s body changes and develops to grow her baby.

The Mexican tradition of using a shawl called a rebozo for wrapping/binding and rocking the body is hundreds of years old. The rebozo is used not just for this but for warmth, receiving baby once they’re born, carrying baby, and simply for decoration. There seems to be evidence that many cultures have a tradition of using material to provide relief to the pregnant and postpartum body, often in similar ways.

Scarf-wrapping and rocking can provide comfort and support to your bump and pelvis helping you be comfortable while you wait your birthing day. Taking the weight of the bump can bring relief to your abdomen and back.

Some of the scarf-wrapping techniques I carry out can help ease the tension from your body’s ligaments and muscles, helping it align itself into an optimal birthing position and giving you the best possible chance for a positive birthing experience. The ‘sifting’ motion eases the muscles and helps them relax and release, aiding the baby’s descent and rotation during labour.

The techniques may even help move baby into an optimal position if they’ve found themselves breech or otherwise sub-optimally positioned, encouraging them gently into a better position ahead of labour. I can even show you ways of using a scarf to help you while you’re in labour!

These techniques are really gentle and can be used on anyone from toddlers to pensioners! It’s truly amazing how even the biggest sceptic can find relief from such simple, gentle actions.